seeing inaoc on my dash..a pleasant surprise…..

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arts for trasskingdom

This is actually a trade in return for the musical commission she did for me for my character Duster but you guys will see more of that soon

literally cried at purple haze feedback like the trash baby i am

im getting my hair dyed tomorrow > : D

im sad he hasnt read much but Ohhh boy

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i cant believe one of my friends here knows jjba this is surreal and glorious

i was like dude i love speedwagon and he was like ‘speedwagon is ridiculous’ but he hasnt read that much of it which is Sad

i was hangin out with my friends who live here in singapore today! we were talking in a shop while looking at manga (we all read a lot of it since we were really little) and they were all ‘so what have you been reading recently’ and i was like ‘uh, jojo’s bizarre adventure?’ and they were like ‘DUDE WHAT THEF UCK NO WAY YOU CANT BE FOR REAL’ and i was like OH NO…I’VE EMBARASSED MYSELF……..GOODBYE LIFE……

and then one of my friends just turned around and said ‘okay but speedwagon though

im reaidng purple haze feedback end me