if u want me leave me messages or tweets snd ill gget the, when i sm In England

posted 53分前

that was my plan on the way over but i was too cold so i wore extra layers today

posted 55分前

im going to use my expert plane sleeping skills and sleep for the entire four hour flight

never forget the time on pixiv someone who had a lot of inaocs asked me if they could make my oc and theirs a couple and iw as like (Ha)

posted 57分前

(confused and tired KJ attempting to figure out how mobile tumblr works)

posted 1時間前

i say yksn i mean yksn/shiraishi/any inaoc talk

my yksn twit is @kj_yksn ur welcome to follow/chat there i try and keep it separate frommy main twit but forget always.

oim gonna ship with a.ll of the inaocs. i dont care if theyre different schools ill ship amything and everything. ACRUALLY PPL FRLM LTHERT EAMS SHOULD COME CARDS OR MAF WITH US SOMETIME I MISS LARGE CARDMAFS

wait. i. my parents just told me i have another half an hour to go wtf